Call to Dunkirk

Today a friend of mine sent me a link to Voddie Baucham’s blog post called “Call to Dunkirk”. The Call to Dunkirk is a call for all Christians to remove their children from public school and start homeschooling (or maybe private Christian schooling).

The video starts by comparing the U.S. Education system to Nazi Germany (hence the Call to Dunkirk a battle in World War II). The absurdity does not end there, these are my two favorite quotes from this video:

If you ask me, we need to march some more, and the first place we need march is right out the front door of those Christ-dishonoring, academically inferior, soul-killing government indoctrination centers… – Voddie Bauchman

First, referring to public schools as “academically inferior” is opinion at best… many brilliant people have come out of the public school system. Second, referring to public schools as “soul-killing government indoctrination centers” is hardly Chirst-honoring. I went to public school, my soul has not be “killed”. In fact, I was saved while I was in college.

the scripture unambiguously teach that the education of children belongs to the family with the assistance from the church, not government, particularly at the K-12 level… – E. Ray Moore

Moore is completely off on this. The Scriptures do not “unambiguously teach” this doctrine. In fact, the Scriptures never even mention K-12!

If I were to judge, strictly by this video, I would say that these people have a bigger problem with trust in God and Scriptural inerrancy than they do with public school. To me, this video does not portray the Love of Christ. It instills fear into the watcher – which is not from Christ. It is also judgmental and absurd in its logic.

Please share with me your thoughts on this video, whether you agree or disagree. I am not against home-schooling at all. I am against this extremist position that purports lies and fear, instead of love and fairness.

Just my thoughts.

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  1. Sadly, there are extremists on both ends of the spectrum on this issue. Many of us that homeschool hear the same type of extreme statements from public school advocates. It’s sad really that, as far as our culture has come in some ways, reasoned dialog is still impossible on some issues.

    Yes, these statements to which you referred go too far. I personally believe the schooling issue is one of conscience. Each person needs to be convinced in his own mind of their choice to homeschool or to send their children to public school (or any other type of school, for that matter).

    What ends up happening is that many parents don’t realize they have a choice, so they send their kids to school out of obligation. On the flip side, other parents don’t realize they have a choice, and they homeschool because someone convinced them that the Bible teaches it is a commandment.

    Not only does the Bible not mention K-12, the Bible verses that are often used to say that homeschooling is a command of God can still be obeyed at home, regardless of where the child gets his academic education. It really is that “ambiguous”! ;)

  2. The funny thing to me is that we are currently reevaluating our decision to homeschool for some of the same reason mentioned in this post and in the video. I began homeschooling out of fear and the need for control, plain and simple. And the Lord has really been dealing with me about doing things out of fear and control rather than out of faith. Steve is right on the money … the Bible is really quite ambiguous about this issue.

  3. One more thing … the negative issues that exist with public schools are NOT the problem, they are merely a symptom of the bigger problem. The belief that walking away from the problem will make it go away is completely erroneous. That’s like having colon cancer and treating the symptoms with Milk of Magnesia and assuming that since the symptoms have subsided then I no longer have the cancer. Just as public education is not going to solve society’s ills, neither is walking away.

  4. As a homeschool father who had a great experience in public school and whose son went to public school for 3 1/2 years, I have to say that I concur… with someone… about something… sometimes.


  5. We’ve decided to sacrifice our children by shipping them off to \Pharaoh\ schools…

    I know some people that home school that shouldn’t even be allowed to raise children…much less try to educate them!!! Their children would be far better off in a Pharaoh school.

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