My wife and I have been visiting with some various churches in our area. My main concern is not the preaching style on Sunday morning or what services they can offer me, my concern is finding a group of people who are actually interested in building relationships. Although, since Sunday mornings are very important to most, it would be nice to not be bored during the sermon. So, yesterday, while I was sitting, wondering where Preacher Joe was going with his sermon about why GM and Ford are failing, I came up with a great idea. Sitting there, with my “fill-in-the-blank” style outline, waiting in anticipation for the next word, I thought to myself… MAD LIBS! Think about how interested the church would be in the sermon, if we could fill in our own blanks!

Here is an example of what the outline COULD look like:

Sermon Outlin Mad Lib
Sermon Outline Mad Lib

Here is what it would look like filled out (Thanks Alan for unknowingly fill in this mad-lib):

Sermon Outline Mad Lib Filled
Sermon Outlin Mad Lib (filled)

I think this speaks for itself. You should expect to  see Sermon Outlines in a Mad Lib format in a Church building near you!