Stop Close With Last Tab on Firefox 3.5

If you’ve recently upgraded to Firefox 3.5 and you use Tabs as much as I do, then you may have noticed that you cannot close the last tab, without closing the Firefox browser entirely. This behavior is different than the previous version, Firefox 3.1. Sometimes I like to ctrl+w all my tabs to start fresh. The previous version use to close all the tabs and on the last tab would just clear out like it was a brand new tab. Do not fret, there is a fix!

Go to about:config in your Firefox browser…

filtered the results on the keyword “tab“…

Set browser.tabs.closeWindowWithLastTab to false.

That should do it, now when you close all the tabs, it won’t automatically close Firefox. Enjoy!

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  1. Thanks. Though it was freaky when the dialog box said it would void my warranty. Then I remembered, there is no warranty on a free product!

    I like the change.

    1. I’m glad this worked for you. They change that warning between revisions of the software, they’re always pretty humorous :).

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