Does Anyone Know What This Means?

The other day Kati and I were driving behind this truck. It had these weird symbols on it’s back window. I assume it has something to do with Christ because of the cross. But we have been unable to figure out what the symbols are telling us. Down Arrow, Cross, Hump, Up Arrow, Down Arrow.

This is the picture I took:

Christian symbolism?

What are you thoughts?

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  1. My guess is the creed. Christ came to earth (down arrow) died according to the Scriptures (cross) was buried (arch is a tomb) rose again on the third day (up arrow) and is returning to judge the quick and the dead (down arrow).

    1. Hey Brian, you are a genius! :)

      Alan, The rainbow was throwing me off too… great minds think alike?


    2. It means he lived he died he was buried in the tomb he rised and he is coming back

    3. These are pictures to a praise and worship song and has been seen on bracelets and bumper stickers. The lyrics are

      (arrow down) You came from heaven to earth to show the way
      (Cross) from the earth to the cross my debt to pay
      (Double arch/Tomb) from the cross to the grave
      (arrow up) from the grave to the sky(arrow down) Lord I lift your Name on High

  2. or perhaps simple minds think alike??? That would make more sense if Brian is in fact a genius… ;-)

    I’m just sayin’….

    1. Hey Jane,

      I have no idea. I googled around for it when I was trying to figure out what it meant and wasn’t able to find any like it. If you do find one, please let us know :).

      God Speed,

  3. Thank you Brian I have a braclet and i knew what it all meant except the hump i thought it was a rainbow having something to do with the covenant with god but lol it is the creed haha i knew the down arrow meant he came to earth and the cross where he did the hump idk but its the tomb the up arrow means he rose from the dead and the down arrow means he will come again

  4. Check your local christian book store. Ours has this on bracelets, bumper stickers and t-shirts.

  5. i have a bracelet with that on it. the arrow down is jesus coming to earth in human form, the cross resymbols the crucifiction of christ the tomb is the resurrection, the arrow up is jesus going up to heaven, and the final arrow down says that he will come again.

  6. I have been looking for this logo and found out it is from the “Witness Collection” and can be found at giftsfaith.com.

  7. how do y’all? i enjoy the spiritual commentary here, however we should remember to capitalize when we referrence The Almighty,

    thank you,

    joseph j. grassi, II

    1. Hi Joseph,

      Why do you feel like it is important to capitalize a reference to God or Jesus? Is there something in scripture that indicates that this is necessary (or important enough to ask others to do it)?

      God Speed,

  8. May i ask the person who took this pic of the truck where was the pic take at city, state..

  9. this is so crzy this is my moms old truck that big guy in the back is me and that is my dad in front of me and my mom which is driving…. we are always in athens dont live far form their, all the people at our church has that on the back of thier cars, we get to tell people tell people all the time what that means it is a great way of witness.

  10. it means, Christ was born, died for our sins, rose, ascended into heave, and will come again

  11. Recently, I bought a rubber bracelet with these symbols at Patti’s Settlement gift shop, Grand Rivers, KY. I wondered what they meant. My son knew and told me of this hymn with words to go along with it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=COQ6cni_TG8

    Lord, I Lift Your Name on High
    You came from heaven to earth
    To show the way
    From the earth to the cross
    My debt to pay
    From the cross to the grave
    From the grave to the sky
    Lord, I lift Your name on high

  12. He came down (down arrow), He died on the cross (cross), He rose from the grave (arch), He ascended back to heaven (up arrow), He I coming back down (down arrow).

  13. Someone gave me a pocket token with these symbols and Googling for the meaning led me here. I’ll ask where he got it and post here is anyone is interested.

  14. Hey Alan Knox I thought it was a rainbow too hey that brian dude is a gienus.

  15. I love this symbol and am trying to find things with this on it…if anyone finds something, post it please! Thanks a bunch!

  16. My youth and I got bracelets with it for free at winterjam in greenville,sc through the local radio station. 89.3His radio…a cool little testimony I think

  17. He came, He died, He arose, He ascended and HE is coming back. I have the bracelets =)

  18. this item can be obtained at catholicgiftsandmore.com…I just placed an order. The item # is 25s and if you are a first time shopper the promo code for $5 off is cpncgm5b.

    Happy shopping; glad I could help!

  19. he came down, he died on the cross, he rose, he went to heaven, and hes coming back. :) i have a bracelet of it so dont think im wrong

  20. It’s a cheat code for the Jesus Nintendo game. It makes it so you come back to life after you game over! All good Christians have a game controller with a cross button!

  21. kingswitness.com is the original website where you can get the bracelets! It’s a great website too with a guide to receiving Christ!

  22. So the arch is the tomb?! I have the bracelet and all this time I have been telling folks that it was a bridge because Christ bridged the gap between God and man. The last arrow obviously means he’s coming back but it could also mean that he did not leave us comfortless but sent us his spirit John 16:7. Excellent witness tool and conversation piece!

  23. Hey! Most of what I see is correct, but we say something different for the arch. I’ve always heard it’s He came down, was crucified, overcame death (the arch/bridge symbol is overcame), He rose again, and He’s coming back. Many people are asking where to buy bumper stickers, my friend had several custom made for our church, so if you can find someone who custom makes things like that, they’re not hard and inexpensive!

    God bless :)


    Finally we concluded…..we “Don’t Know!”

  25. The arrow down -He came
    The cross- He died
    The tomb- He arose
    The arrow up-He ascended
    the arrow down- He’s coming back.
    It’s called a witness bracelet

  26. Me and my husband both just got this tattoo on our wrist last night. One of our friends have a tattoo of it,We thought is was amazing.

  27. I found stickers and bracelets at a religious store called Mardel. I assume all religious store will carry them

  28. So glad y’all posted all these comments! We saw this on a car for the first time tonight. (My husband had seen it once before.) As soon as I googled it – this website came up. Blessings to you all – thanks!

  29. You can actually just type in Jesus came He died He arose He ascended and He’s coming back decals and hit search and it pulled them up for like a $1.95 each they are really cheap. I love them I have the bracelets and a shirt.

  30. Down arrow means Jesus came down. The cross means that Jesus died on it. The hump/rainbow mean he was buried. Up arrow means he arose from the dead and went back to Heaven. Down arrow means he is coming back or he is back. :)

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