Zero Faith

A tweet came across my feed yesterday that sparked my interest. Dr. Alvin Reid from SEBTS retweeted Ed Stetzer, writing:

Immediately I wondered what all the hublub was about. Apparently John Piper invited Rick Warren to speak at the Desiring God 2010 conference and some people are pretty upset about the whole ordeal. Last night’s live episode was an attempt by Piper to explain why he invited Warren.

It does not matter to me why Piper invited Warren or even that Warren is speaking at the conference. I have no primary qualms with Piper or Warren. But as I was listening to Piper’s apologetic, I keyed in on a quote that he gave from Warren.

Zero Faith in Politics . . . if politics were the way to change the world I would be a politician. The only thing that is going to change the world is changing people’s heart’s through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I could not agree with this statement more. This is truly how I feel about the United States government and all governments – I have zero faith. I do not believe that the American republic will save us, I do not believe that a socialized America will save us. I have no concern for how egalitarian or how communist a government is.

There are people who survive and thrive around the world – people who do not live in capitalism. I find it hard to believe that our government is the best answer to government. All forms of government are run by men. With men you will find corruption, failure, dishonesty, and greediness. That is not to say that all things done by men is evil; you will also find love, compassion, and a desire to do good.

My point is this, with Jesus there is hope – true faith can thrive and survive in him. When we place our faith on politics and government, we will eventually find that our houses have been built on shaky ground.

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