A Hypothetical Question: Osama bin Laden and Heaven

This is a question to all my Christian brothers and sisters, especially those who continue to rejoice in the belief that Osama bin Laden will spend an eternity in Hell.

For the sake of my curiosity, let’s pretend that Osama bin Laden did whatever it takes (according to your belief) to be saved, whether he spoke the Sinner’s Prayer and was baptized by the Holy Spirit… or he simply confessed with his mouth that Jesus is Lord and asked God for forgiveness — whatever it takes in your eyes to be forgiven and accepted into the Kingdom of Heaven.

How would that information make you feel?

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  1. My human self would not think it was fair, but as a Christian I know that Jesus died not just for good people but for Osama bin Laden too. If he met Jesus before he died then he’s in Heaven. That’s what the Bible says. Remember the thief on the cross?

  2. Hi Marilyn,

    The thief is a great example… thank God for the grace poured down on the thief!

    Thanks for commenting!


  3. Lew, I don’t deserve God’s grace and forgivness anymore than OBL. If he had done that I think the angles in heaven would have rejoiced just as much as if had been the Pope.

    Now, it’s not really fair to ask that without sharing your own opinion so what do you think?


  4. After examining myself according to the words of Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount, I know for a fact that the same things that were in Usama’s heart are also in mine. Even though I do not act on them, according to the principles put forth by the Lord Jesus, I’m just as guilty.

  5. After thinking this over very carefully, If bin laden sincerely confessed his sins to God and was sorry for what he has done, I would believe God would put him in purgatory as temporary punishment until his soul was purified and then he would be allowed into heaven.

    Remember, our God is a merciful God and would grant him forgiveness if it was sincere.

    Now a question for you….with all the killings that bin laden has done to those who were unable to ask God for forgiveness…where do you think they would end up?

  6. Mom,

    Everyone is able to accept Jesus’ free gift of forgiveness before they die. I do not believe in purgatory, I can only say that from my understanding of scripture, those who have been saved before they die will go to paradise.


  7. I agree with your Mom. If Osama met Jesus he is with him there today in Heaven. As for those that Osama killed, they had their moment in time when the Holy Spirit dealt with them – hopefully they answered when He called. I don’t think they got a free pass because of being killed by a terrorist anymore than if they’d been killed in a natural disaster, car wreck, etc. Not including the children or those under the age of accountability in that.

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