I saw an ad on Facebook a while ago for something called the Graze Box… a healthy and organic snack box delivered to your house every two or four weeks. The ad was for a free box, so I figured I’d give it a try. Well, we just received our first box and I wanted to write up a quick review of it. Each box comes with four different snacks. Our box looked like this:

Photo Jan 23, 5 00 03 PM

From left to right / top to bottom, the snacks are:

      hot cross yum
      tomato and basil pizza
      garden of england
      summer berry flapjack

As you can see, we already ate the summer berry flapjack. It was three small granola bars. We gave the kids each one and split one between us (we’re on a low carb diet and half a small bar was 5 grams of carbs). I’ve got to say, these bars were delicious! Very soft and tasty. Most of the snacks are moderately high carb, but they’ll be good for the kids and for us as a healthy treat.

Another great thing about the box is it comes with a little card inside with the nutritional data for each snack…

Photo Jan 23, 5 01 02 PM

The card also has a friendly little message on it and some little cards you can tear off to hand to your friends with your invitation code. My invitation code is LEWA6LHDB and if you use it you’ll get your first and fifth box free from Graze. Give it a try, at least the first box — you can cancel any time.

Other than the free 1st and 5th box, it will cost you 6$ per box and you can schedule one for every two or four weeks. They also have a calorie counting box, where all the snacks are under 150 calories. That’s pretty nice for a calorie counter, unfortunately, we’re carb counters — and most of the snacks are fairly high in carbs — but each snack we received in this box was under 150 calories.

Another great thing about the site, you can go through all their snacks and mark the ones you don’t want as “trash”. Because of Kati’s caffeine allergy, I went through the site immediately to remove anything with chocolate in it.

I’ll probably write a few more reviews as we continue to try the snacks and receive more boxes. But so far we’re pretty happy with the service.