I’m using the term “paranormal” here to mean “unexplained”. I am not claiming that any of my these experiences were ghosts, or demons, or angels, or aliens, or interdimensional travelers. Although, I am pretty intrigued by the idea that I am living my own version of Interstellar, however unlikely that may be.

Again, this story takes place when I was young, probably 11-13… almost all of my paranormal experiences happen around this age. This time it was about 3 AM and I was sound asleep in my bed. Then I was awoken by the sound of my mother calling for me. “Lewie, are you awake? Lewie, are you awake?” Eventually I wake enough to grumble a “No” in reply, then turn over and go back to sleep.

The next morning my mother tells me what happened. She thought I had gotten up way too early and was watching television. When she came out to catch me, I wasn’t there. I was asleep, in my bedroom. Someone… or something… had turned the television on at 3AM and it was loud enough to wake up my mother.

Perhaps an airplane was flying over head and a random infrared light at just the right frequency bounced its way into the house and turned on the television. It’s impossible to know.

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