The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – Movie Review

Just got back from the theatre, where Kati and I saw The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Kati had read the three book series and really wanted to see this movie. She commented that this is one the best adaptation of a movie based on a book she’s ever seen. I have to say, this[Continue Reading…]

Christmas Lights – 2011

Proof of my hard days work… About 1700 Christmas lights total :).

2nd Annual Chili Cook-Off – Best Prize Ever!

Today was the College of Education’s 2nd Annual Chili Cook-Off. I got to eat six very tasty chili recipes. I just got an email with a list of the winners for the cook-off and I got a pretty good chuckle at the 3rd place prize. I hope it’s as magnificent as I’ve been imagining… And[Continue Reading…]

Where Your Money Goes when you Donate to NPR and PBS

Look, I listen to NPR every morning when my alarm goes off. Of all news sources, this one is least likely to annoy me. They’re always doing some sort of fundraiser and what not, which I know mostly goes to the local stations, but at least some of it gets kicked up to the big[Continue Reading…]

3 Days in Pisgah National Forest

My friend and I spent three days backpacking the Pisgah National Forest in North Carolina. It was quite an adventure. We headed to Daniel Boone Boy Scout camp where the Northern Art Loeb trailhead is located. The majority of our hike was in the Shining Rock Wilderness area, which basically means none of the trails[Continue Reading…]

Jenni vs. Box

Unboxed a new carpet cleaner and Jenni was very interested in one of the inner boxes… took a short video of her in action.

Jenni the Proud Hunter

This morning around 4, I woke up to some of the loudest crying I have heard from one of our cats. I knew immediately it was Jenni (it sounded like her) but her crying sounded more intense than a normal “I caught a cricket” cry. I thought for sure that she had caught a giant[Continue Reading…]

Mora Clipper 840 – Forced Patina

I bought a few products for my upcoming 3-day backpacking trip from Surival Pax and one of them was a much needed knife. The Mora Clipper 840, which has a carbon steel blade, is relatively cheap, and throws a great spark from a firesteel. When I got the knife, the blade had a very shiny[Continue Reading…]

Single for a Summer

It’s 5:15PM, Kati just boarded her Air France flight to Paris where she will be spending the next 5 weeks on a study abroad trip. I am really proud that she is taking this step and fulfilling a life long dream. If you want to keep up with her French antics, check out her blog[Continue Reading…]

Caption Contest – Betty in the Cabinet

Ok, so I’m going to throw a little caption contest! Kati took this picture this afternoon and I thought it deserves a funny caption, but I have no idea what it should be! If you win, I’ll mail you a Powered by WordPress t-shirt (blue / medium) if you want. Otherwise you’ll just get the[Continue Reading…]