Words Not Found in Scripture – Ordinance

What are Ordinances? It’s been a while since I’ve written a Words Not Found in Scripture post… but I still have a list of words that I want to get through. Today’s word is Ordinance. You may have heard this word from time to time while listening to a preacher or perhaps in a business[Continue Reading…]

Words Not Found in Scripture – Baptize

I will continue my series on Words Not Found in Scripture with the word “baptize”. Technically you will find “baptize” (and it’s derivatives) throughout your English translations. In fact, technically you will find “baptize” in the original Greek. The actual word though is “baptizo” (βαπτιζω). And that is exactly the problem. You see, the word[Continue Reading…]

Ideal Bible?

I have a question for all my readers… what would your “ideal Bible” look like? For a while I have been desiring certain features in a Bible, such as, Greek and Hebrew along with a solid English translation; perhaps with or without Chapter and Verse divisions; maybe it would have cross references; a single column[Continue Reading…]

What does Paul …

Last week I was asked to teach a Sunday School lesson for one of our brothers. They just started going through the letter we call 1 Corinthians and he asked me to teach on chapter 1:10-17. 10 But I exhort you brothers through the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. So that you all say[Continue Reading…]