Call to Dunkirk

Today a friend of mine sent me a link to Voddie Baucham’s blog post called “Call to Dunkirk”. The Call to Dunkirk is a call for all Christians to remove their children from public school and start homeschooling (or maybe private Christian schooling). The video starts by comparing the U.S. Education system to Nazi Germany[Continue Reading…]

A Historical Church Building

I have become a big fan of NPR (National Public Radio). I get the benefits of talk radio (over crappy music), it is very enlightening, usually pretty balanced, and when it leans to the left I get a glimpse of their point-of-view. Yesterday, as I was riding home from work I heard a piece on[Continue Reading…]

Holiday vs. Christmas

I always thought how silly it was that people got so upset at other people who would rather say Happy Holiday instead of Merry Christmas. Until the other day when I was listening to the all Christmas Music station on my way home (some of my favorite music is Christmas music). An ad came on[Continue Reading…]

Why am I such a heretic?

I know I’ve complained about the AFA (American Family Association) before but I still get their emails and they still grate on my nerves. I like their emails because I get a sense of what is happening in the Christian world. You know, those things that I don’t care enough about to study all day[Continue Reading…]