Caption Contest – Betty in the Cabinet

Ok, so I’m going to throw a little caption contest! Kati took this picture this afternoon and I thought it deserves a funny caption, but I have no idea what it should be! If you win, I’ll mail you a Powered by WordPress t-shirt (blue / medium) if you want. Otherwise you’ll just get the…


Vote For Me at ThinkGeek!

Some of the good folks over at The Complete Website nominated me as their favorite SysAdmin for ThinkGeek’s Favorite SysAdmin contest and I made the top 10! The contest ends tomorrow, so if you get a chance today, I’d appreciate it if you voted for me.  The winners will be announced tomorrow. Thanks again!


Choose Your Weapon T-Shirt by Ian Leino

I follow a very talented designer on Twitter named Ian Leino. A few weeks ago he tweeted about a contest he was putting on to win one of his latest t-shirt designs called “Choose Your Weapon”. As with so many people, video games have been a major contributing medium of my cultural education since as…


Energion Essay Contest Results

At the beginning of the month I posted my essay entry to the Energion Essay Contest called, “What should a congregation following Jesus Christ in ministry look like?” There were seven total entries in this contest. With a total of 93 out of 150 points, I won third place plus the “popular” vote. This entitles…