At the beginning of the month I posted my essay entry to the Energion Essay Contest called, “What should a congregation following Jesus Christ in ministry look like?

There were seven total entries in this contest. With a total of 93 out of 150 points, I won third place plus the “popular” vote. This entitles me to a 20$ gift card to Barnes & Noble and a free book from Energion Publishing. Since I already have The Jesus Paradigm (see review) I choose Dr. Black’s newest book, Christian Archy. I hope to get my loot sometime next week!

With a total of 99 out of 150 points, the second place winner was Arthur Sido. He beat me by a whopping 6 points. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying anything bad here… I just think it’s an odd coincidence that the number was “6”.

With a total of 108 out of 150 points, the first place winner was Lionel Woods. Lionel beat Arthur by 9 points and by addition beat me by 15 points. I am really surprised the scoring was so close.

Congrats Arthur and Lionel and thank you Energion for putting on this contest. It was really interesting and there were some really good essays.

If you want to read them, here is a link to all of the submissions:

A. Amos Love

Arthur Sido

Lew Ayotte

David Blanton

Lionel Woods

Christopher Larson