Business Meeting – Part 2

Well, I was able to go to the business meeting this past Sunday. It was not as bad as I envisioned. Here is a brief recap: Lady #1 said, we need to be bible believing/following Christians and if the Bible says that women cannot be deacons than we should not encourage women to be deacons.[Continue Reading…]

The Sit Down…

Last week I wrote a post called A New Addition – where I recounted a recent sermon I heard about the requirement of tithing. Tuesday I was able to sit down with the speaker of that message for lunch. We were able to discuss what took place, and how I felt about it. I am[Continue Reading…]

Let The Chips Fall Where They May…

This post is inspired by a recent post of Alan’s from The Assembling of the Church called Grace to be Wrong. Alan’s post is about having the attitude of grace when confronted with people who disagree with us. Since I have begun my journey with Christ, I have learned the importance of adopting this attitude[Continue Reading…]

Resources, Conversions, and Priorities…

Here is the average church budget according to Lifeway (HT: Alan). 49% – Staff Personnel 9% – All Other 5% – Missions Evangelism 7% – Computers, Office Supplies, Literature 9% – Denominational Contributions 9% – Utilities 13% – Buildings, Rent, Mortgage, Capital Funds, Projects To simplify this, I will group, “Computers…,” “Utilities,” and “Buildlings…” into[Continue Reading…]

Full-Time Ministry

It’s official… I am in full-time ministry… yep I said it. Believe it or not, I am here. You see, I was working part-time for Southeastern Seminary up until a few days ago. They always said it was my “ministry.” A few weeks ago my wife and I decided it was time for me to[Continue Reading…]

What is Your Ministry?

The other day, after my graduation ceremony, Kati (my wife) was waiting in a line outside of a bathroom. She started talking to the wife of another person who had graduated and was asked, “Where are y’all serving?” More recently, Kati was asked “what our ministry was going to be?” My wife, who is a[Continue Reading…]