Accountable to Who?

Over the past couple years I have been involved in many conversations about accountability. Accountability is usually spoken of in broad and specific terms. Sometimes an individual is said to be accountable to another individual or group. Other times a group is said to be accountable to a larger group. Ultimately we are all accountable[Continue Reading…]

Light-Switch Christianity

Recently I have been thinking a lot about Sunday morning meetings. In fact, I have a post coming, next week, that has to do specifically about this topic. But today I wanted to write about what I call “Light-Switch Christianity.” I made up this term while thinking about what happens on Sunday morning. I felt[Continue Reading…]

Money and the Church: A Fulltime Story

Today’s post is part of a synchroblog dealing with money and the church. It is a pretty broad topic, and many people are writing about different aspects of “money and the church.” At the bottom of this post you’ll find a list of links of other contributors to this subject. Today, I am going to[Continue Reading…]

Welcome to the Family…

I found this in a church bulletin: Request from the Deacons In reverence to God and respect for others, please do not get up during the sermon (unless there is an emergency). Parents – please take your children to the restroom before the worship time or, if needed, during the offertory. Also, please turn off[Continue Reading…]

The Pastor’s Wife’s Husband

This post is not really about the pastor… nor is it really about the pastor’s wife. It’s about what we as Christian men expect from our wives… which I personally think we often feel the pastor’s wife should best model (although I do not agree that we should necessarily think that). From time to time[Continue Reading…]

Theory X & Theory Y

This past weekend I had the opportunity to visit with my grandfather. Unfortunately he is not doing well and I am not sure how much longer he has here. The good news is that his family is very good to me and has given me the chance to see him whenever I want. So I[Continue Reading…]

What’s your Sign?

Woody Murray, an independent church communications specialist who helps churches more effectively reach their communities, has started contributing to Baptist Press News. On the 17th, he wrote an article called Is your church sending mixed messages?. Yesterday (the 25th), he wrote an article called Church signs are key to outreach. Both of these articles concern[Continue Reading…]

On Offending the World

In Matthew 11:6 and Luke 7:23, Jesus tells us that we are blessed if we do not take offense at him. Even his Father, in Isaiah 28:16, calls the Christ a stumbling block and a rock of offense. The fact is that the Truth offends people. Jesus knew this then and now. The truth that[Continue Reading…]

A Good Muslim vs. A Good Christian

I received this forward over the weekend: Subject: “Subject: A Good Muslim” This piece is really food for thought ~ especially the very last statement! With all the Muslims now legal citizens, living, having children and voting in this nation…how long folks?? God says Christians are to love everyone and this does not discredit God’s[Continue Reading…]

Why care about the CBF? – Response

David Roach has written an article published at the Baptist Press titled, Why care about the CBF?. Roach describes a recent experience he had when visiting the CBF’s General Assembly. The thesis of his article is that the CBF is still useful to the SBC, not necessarily for the ministry, but as a reminder of[Continue Reading…]