Where Your Money Goes when you Donate to NPR and PBS

Look, I listen to NPR every morning when my alarm goes off. Of all news sources, this one is least likely to annoy me. They’re always doing some sort of fundraiser and what not, which I know mostly goes to the local stations, but at least some of it gets kicked up to the big[Continue Reading…]

New Name

This is a rambling update… If you haven’t noticed, I’ve changed up my blog. It still works under http://the-pursuit.net/, but it won’t for long. I haven’t decided how long… but if you follow my blog at all, I ask you to update your readers and bookmarks. I’ll hopefully be posting more, now I feel like[Continue Reading…]

Turn and face the strain…

ch-ch-ch-changes… I’ve updated my blog theme and made a few other changes. Like, my blog now resides at http://lewayotte.com/ instead of http://lewayotte.com/blog/. I’m going to make those big bubble things on the right side a tad smaller too… I think they take up too much room. Anyways, this new theme makes me like my blog[Continue Reading…]

Update – Where have I been?

Hey Everyone! I know I haven’t really posted anything in the past two weeks. The reason? Well, I moved. My wife and I finally moved down to Georgia. We are renting a nice little home down here and we love it. I just got internet access at the end of last week, but I had[Continue Reading…]


Well classes started yesterday. I am taking four classes this semester, than hopefully I will be graduating in December. I plan on applying for the MDIV program here at Southeastern but I am still praying about and it trying to seek God’s will. These are the classes I am taking this semester:American History I: Pre-1887[Continue Reading…]