Turn and face the strain…


I’ve updated my blog theme and made a few other changes. Like, my blog now resides at instead of

I’m going to make those big bubble things on the right side a tad smaller too… I think they take up too much room.

Anyways, this new theme makes me like my blog a little better, so I might start posting more often :).

So what do you think of these changes?

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  1. I think it looks fine. I especially like the flowery design at the top. Really.

    Anyway, I’d like to ask you about CafePress. Can you email me directly?

  2. It’s very nice lew, now post something… :)

    When you guys get settled we need to hook up!

  3. Renata

    Thanks, I think I’m actually going to change the flowery design… I haven’t decided if it’s “me” yet :).

    Heather, FtME, Brandon

    Thanks for the comments!


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