Christians and Military – Part 5

Having and maintaining a military has always been very important to growing and sustaining a nation. The military allows a nation to grow and also defend itself from other nations growth. The Just War theory was developed using Augustine’s writing The City of God. The theory is mildly complicate, but basically purports that a Christian[Continue Reading…]

Christians and Lobbying – Part 4

According to Lobbying is defined as “a concerted effort designed to effect influence, typically over government authorities and elected officials. It can consist of the outreach of legislative members, public actions (e.g. mass demonstrations), or combinations of both public and private actions (e.g. encouraging constituents to contact their legislative representatives). The term is normally[Continue Reading…]

Christians and Voting – Part 3

In the Roman Empire only Roman citizens had the right to vote. Usually you had to own land and had to be a male to vote in the Comitia Tributa (Tribal assembly). From what I have been told there was a word the Greek world would use for people who had the power to vote,[Continue Reading…]

Christians and Politics – Part 2

The United States of America was essentially formed by Protestant Christians who fled from Europe because of the persecution they were suffering from mainly the Roman Catholic church and the Church of England. One major group that came to America was the Puritans. They decided that they were going to be a “city upon a[Continue Reading…]

Christians and Government – Part 1

As I stated in my final question of the week, I am writing a series on Christians and Government. I have some ideas about how much Christians should be involved in the Government and I would like to express them. I have not quite figured out exactly how many parts this series will be. This[Continue Reading…]

Accountable to Who?

Over the past couple years I have been involved in many conversations about accountability. Accountability is usually spoken of in broad and specific terms. Sometimes an individual is said to be accountable to another individual or group. Other times a group is said to be accountable to a larger group. Ultimately we are all accountable[Continue Reading…]

Light-Switch Christianity

Recently I have been thinking a lot about Sunday morning meetings. In fact, I have a post coming, next week, that has to do specifically about this topic. But today I wanted to write about what I call “Light-Switch Christianity.” I made up this term while thinking about what happens on Sunday morning. I felt[Continue Reading…]

Money and the Church: A Fulltime Story

Today’s post is part of a synchroblog dealing with money and the church. It is a pretty broad topic, and many people are writing about different aspects of “money and the church.” At the bottom of this post you’ll find a list of links of other contributors to this subject. Today, I am going to[Continue Reading…]

An Illustration of Tradition

The other day my wife shared with me a piece of art she had to study for class. The piece is called, What is the Proper Way to Display a Flag? It is by Dread Scott and was put on display in February 1989. Some of you may remember the controversy it started. Here is[Continue Reading…]

What’s your Sign?

Woody Murray, an independent church communications specialist who helps churches more effectively reach their communities, has started contributing to Baptist Press News. On the 17th, he wrote an article called Is your church sending mixed messages?. Yesterday (the 25th), he wrote an article called Church signs are key to outreach. Both of these articles concern[Continue Reading…]