Having and maintaining a military has always been very important to growing and sustaining a nation. The military allows a nation to grow and also defend itself from other nations growth. The Just War theory was developed using Augustine’s writing The City of God. The theory is mildly complicate, but basically purports that a Christian can go to war against his nations enemies if certain criteria have been met, such as, to stop innocent people from being punished/hurt.

The problem is the bible makes no real distinction to support the Just War Theory. Probably a better solution would be to help the citizens of this nation to flee from their nation and find peace until they can return to their homes safely. But this post is not really about whether or not the Just War Theory is a valid or useful theory. What does pertain is whether or not you believe Christians should be a part of the military. There are several problems that arise when Christians join the military.

A Christian who partakes in the military during a time of war is placed in a position where he must hate, kill, or work against his enemies. This is a huge problem in the face of scripture (love your enemies, etc.). He either has to disobey his government or he has to disobey God. I believe that a wise Christian would not purposely put himself in a situation like this.

We know that God used Israel as a nation to destroy other nations. He also used other nations to destroy Israel. This is probably one of the biggest and best arguments for allowing Christians to join the military, unfortunately I sense that it falls flat on its face. The biggest reason is that we have a more recent revelation from God telling us to love our enemies. We also have a better understanding of what God was doing/showing us through the Nation of Israel. I am still confident that God uses nations to bring down and raise up other nations. But as Christians we are not called to be a nation temporally, rather we are a part of a new, better nation.

In the United States there is a draft, drafting its citizens to fight during war periods. There have been many people who have fled during these drafts, and I believe there are ways to get out of the draft (legal ways). I believe it would be best for a Christian to either find a legal way to not be part of a war, or to be a part of the war as someone who does not harm others.

In Luke 3, John the Baptist is talking to people about how they can live repentant lives. In verse 14 he talks to a Soldier, which reads, “{Some} soldiers were questioning him, saying, “And {what about} us, what shall we do?” And he said to them, “Do not take money from anyone by force, or accuse {anyone} falsely, and be content with your wages.”

It is interesting that he does not tell them to stop being soldiers. I could make up a million reasons why he did not tell them to stop. Unfortunately for me, I do not feel I have the liberty to make stuff up. The best thing I can say is that I sense that the majority of the evidence in scripture points towards my position and that there are a few verses that seem to go against my position but are not clear enough to do so.