Tough Times Among the Church

I use a system called Google Analytics to keep an eye on my blog stats. It tells me things like how many people visited my blog day-to-day, where people came from, and even what search terms were used to find different posts on my blog. I have found an interesting trend among the Church in[Continue Reading…]

A Modern Example

I recently had a wonderful conversation with one of my co-workers. She came into my office to give me something and noticed my digital picture frame displaying on my desk. Then I showed her a picture of my wife and we spent a few minutes looking on Facebook and MySpace to see if my wife[Continue Reading…]

The Sit Down…

Last week I wrote a post called A New Addition – where I recounted a recent sermon I heard about the requirement of tithing. Tuesday I was able to sit down with the speaker of that message for lunch. We were able to discuss what took place, and how I felt about it. I am[Continue Reading…]

Resources, Conversions, and Priorities…

Here is the average church budget according to Lifeway (HT: Alan). 49% – Staff Personnel 9% – All Other 5% – Missions Evangelism 7% – Computers, Office Supplies, Literature 9% – Denominational Contributions 9% – Utilities 13% – Buildings, Rent, Mortgage, Capital Funds, Projects To simplify this, I will group, “Computers…,” “Utilities,” and “Buildlings…” into[Continue Reading…]

A New Addition!

No, Kati and I are not pregnant (although feel free to pray for that to happen). Sunday morning we discovered a new addition to the building that the church meets in. You know those boards where the put up the Hymns we’re going to sing for that day, or what this weeks and last weeks[Continue Reading…]

The Bible Talks More About Money Than Hell

Over the past several years as a Christian I have heard many sermons. I have started to notice a trend, teachers often cite the “fact” that the Bible talks more about “money” than hell (or whatever else). I am sure you have heard the same or similar statements, if not, you probably will in the[Continue Reading…]

The Tithing Pastor – A True Conundrum

At graduation rehearsal we heard a small message about the importance of tithing. During the message the speaker told us that the pastor should be giving a tithe to the local church no matter what. The speaker testified that he and his wife ALWAYS gave to their local church, no matter what. They relied on[Continue Reading…]