A Disturbing Trend… – Part 1

From time to time I read articles written by Christians that really confuse me. I get these American Family Association (AFA) reports via email pretty regularly. I look at the latest headlines in BP News and other news organizations run by Christians. There are always articles and write-ups asking the body of Christ to write or call companies asking them to stop their questionable practices. I have listed a few examples of some articles I have read.

A month or so ago I received a report that Charlie Sheen (on his show Two and a Half Men) had replaced words in a Christmas song to be a much more provocative song. This was seen as an attack on Christians, Christ, and Christmas. With this report was a call for Christians to write to CBS and Sheen asking for a public apology.

Before that, Sears was cited for supporting a cable network channel dedicated to programming for lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders. Again there was a call to write and call Sears asking them to stop their advertising on this channel.

The most recent news I have found is concerning Ford. Apparently they are supporting a television show that has a not-safe-for-children gay scene. With this article there was a call to write Ford asking them to stop and to boycott Ford.

To be honest, reading these articles really disturbs me. Why? Well, I have yet to see one of these articles ask its readers to pray for these people, disciple them, or share a little bit of the Light of Christ with them. Instead, these articles are nothing more than a call to strong arm the world to act like the Kingdom of Heaven.

Here are my questions:

What gives us the right to try to force the world to act according to what we consider to be Christian standards?
Did Jesus say, “Go force people to act like Christians”?
Did the early Christians boycott Nero?
Did they not do business with people who worshiped false gods?
Is there anything in the Bible to indicate we should not expect the world to act like itself?

The next time you get an email, read an article, or here someone talking about boycotting Wal-Mart because they sell pro-Homosexual books, remind them that boycotting the world is antithetical to discipling the world.

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  1. Lew … now you’re meddlin’ (LOL) …

    You said, “Is there anything in the Bible to indicate we should not expect the world to act like itself?” … this has long been what has confused me about “Christian boycotts” and the AFA (among others). You’re right that never once are we asked to pray for them.

    Thanks for this post!

  2. Lew,

    If I emailed this post to certain people, I’m sure we could get you added to the boycott list…

    Seriously, great work! We are to be in the world, but not of the world… somehow, boycotting seems to be opposite of this. Maybe its just me.


  3. Heather,

    Welcome back, thanks for the comment!


    I would love to be on a boycott list, that’d be the seventh best thing that has ever happened to me!


  4. Lew,
    Dead on… I had to cancel my subscription to their email list a few months ago. It kept getting worse and worse… And not one mention of trying to reach them with the Truth. Just, crush em’ till they act like something they’re not.


  5. Bill O’Reilly told me there’s a war on Christmas going on… or wait, was it France that I’m supposed to be boycotting.

    I couldn’t find contact info on your blog, so I left a comment here. Can we connect through email? (joe at mychurch.org)


  6. Brandon,

    I’m glad I am not the only one that feels this way. Unfortunately for me, even if I unsubscribe from them, I know someone who forwards them off to me from time to time. Those are usually the juiciest ones. In fact, I wonder if that person drives a Ford :).


    I believe they are called “Freedom Fries.” Thanks for the comment – I just sent you off an email.


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