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When I say “Random Crap” I literally mean, “Random Crap.” There is a website called Woot ( It sells a new item everyday, usually at pretty good prices. Every couple months or so they have a “Woot-Off.” Basically they sell a bunch of items (one at a time) for a day or so, but at even lower prices. During the Woot-Off’s they usually sell the ever-so-coveted Bag of Crap (now called Random Crap). At the price of 1$ for 1 (you can order up to 3) and 5$ shipping you are guaranteed to get a box full of useless crap. Sometimes the useless crap is a big screen TV, but most of the time it is a crappy key chain. It is kind of like playing the lottery, but you’re guaranteed to get something and it’s fun. Oh yeah, and it is nearly impossible to order one. You see, whenever the Random Crap appears it sells within a couple minutes and usually their servers are bogged down.

Well, this last Woot-Off (June 1) I was able to get myself 3 Random Craps (8$ total)!

This is what I got:
1 – Targus Accessory Pouch (Which I plan on cutting up and attaching to my hiking pack)
1 – The Reel Butler (kind of useless, used to maintain electrical items and their cords.)
1 – PC Animation Station (looks pretty cool, your children add their voices to some Nickelodian cartoon animations)
1 – Logitech EasyFit 2.5mm Cellphone Headset adapter (which I can use for my cellphone)


Mr. Wizard died. I loved watching him as a child. I have heard that he was a Christian, so he’s probably chilling with Mr. Rogers right now. I was talking about him with some friends. One said that he could remember numerous times when he would just get to the Mr. Wizard introduction of the show and his parents would kick him out to go to school. I have a feeling this happened to a lot of us. It is kind of ironic, the one time we actually wanted to learn something and our parents shipped us off to school instead!


I have finally uploaded my Hebrews 10:19-25 sermon.

Let me know what you think.


I sense there is more I wanted to say, but I have forgotten.

So you will have to sit on the edge of your seat until next time.

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  1. Love your random crap ;) … cute dog, looks like our Maddie :)

    I will definitely listen to your sermon, but right now I’m off to rest – I have been cleaning up the random crap that has accumulated in our closet.


  2. There are now large bags of random crap that I’ll have to take away….somewhere.

    Random crap is a great title for this post. :)

    Sitting on the edge of my seat…

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