Developing a Biblical Ecclesiology Lecture

My pastor and friend, Alan Knox, gave a lecture to one of Dr. Black’s (of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary) classes about how his Ecclesiology was developed. He was able to record the lecture and post it to his website. I listened to it, thought it was great, and wanted to share it with you all.

This is taken with Alan’s permission from here.

Developing a Biblical Ecclesiology Lecture

In April 2008, I had the opportunity to present a guest lecture on the topic of the church. I also called this lecture “Developing a Biblical Ecclesiology”. The information in this lecture is similar to the seminar above, but presented in a slightly different format.

Download audio file: Developing a Biblical Ecclesiology (52 MB mp3)
Download outline: Developing a Biblical Ecclesiology (50 KB pdf)

Click here to read Alan’s post regarding his lecture.

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