Wine & Strong Drink – Part 10

This is the third section of my argument, Specific instances of alcohol use commanded in the Bible.


Specific Instances of Alcohol Use Commanded in the Bible

In Deuteronomy 14, God tells Moses what is proper to do with the tithe. In verse 23 he specifically commands to drink their new wine (tirosh) in the presence of the Lord. Later, in verses 22-26, God talks about people who are too far away to bring their tithe. He tells them to sell their tithe and to use the money to buy whatever they want, including wine (yayin) and strong drink (shekar), and to eat what they bought in the presence of the Lord and to rejoice. One cannot make the assertion that God is commanding the people to get drunk, but it cannot be denied that He is commanding them to drink wine and strong drink. Another command to use alcohol can be found in 1 Timothy 5 when Paul directs Timothy to stop drinking water and to drink wine (oinos) to help relieve his stomach and other ailments.


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