A Quote from Pagan Christianity – 1

If the truth be told, we Christians never seem to ask why we do what we do. Instead, we blithely carry out our relgious traditions without asking where they came form. Most Christians who claim to uphold the integrity of God’s Word have never sought to see if what they do every Sunday has any scriptural backing. How do we know that? Because if they did, it would lead them to some very disturbing conclusions that would compel them by conscience to forever abandon what they are doing. – Page 5

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  1. this summer I’ve taken an internship at a church, this is the first *church* (as you put it, and rightly so) that I’ve ever worked in. Seeing the striking difference between the way Messiah works and the church I’m working in is amazing. like you said, I don’t think people here even give one thought to why they do *church* the way they do.

  2. Jason,

    Thanks for commenting. This quote came from a book I am reading called Pagan Christianity. If you get a moment, you should check it out.

    God’s Glory,

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