The other day Alan Knox shared with me an article written by Ernest Goodman at Missions Misunderstood. Goodman has just finished up a series called The Counterintuitive Church. This series really made me think about what Jesus did, what Jesus’ apostles wanted to do, and what I usually do. Let’s take the Parable of the[Continue Reading…]

Response: “The Bible & Homosexuality: Enough with the Bible Already”

A couple of days ago one of my Facebook friends linked to an article by Adam Walker Cleaveland called, The Bible & Homosexuality: Enough with the Bible Already. I would like to respond to this article, both it’s heart and it’s content. Obviously the title is rather shocking to the more conservative folks out there.[Continue Reading…]

Interview with Frank Viola by Alan Knox

Alan Knox of The Assembling of the Church recently interviewed Frank Viola. Frank Viola is the author of the books, Pagan Christianity and Reimagining Church. I haven’t read Reimagining Church yet, but thought Pagan Christianity was a great book. Check out the interview here: In Conversation with Frank Viola

Developing a Biblical Ecclesiology Lecture

My pastor and friend, Alan Knox, gave a lecture to one of Dr. Black’s (of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary) classes about how his Ecclesiology was developed. He was able to record the lecture and post it to his website. I listened to it, thought it was great, and wanted to share it with you all.[Continue Reading…]

The Golden Compass – Official Response

Hey everyone, if you have been paying attention to anything that goes on in the “Christian Culture” then you have surely heard about the book and movie The Golden Compass. Apparently this book is similar to the Narnia books, except it was written by an Atheist… one of those “God is Dead” types. I haven’t[Continue Reading…]

The Lord’s Supper and Women Ministering…

Barb at A Formers Leader’s Journey wrote a post called Un-Churched Communion. Here she discusses a podcast she listened to that forever changed her view on the Lord’s Supper. I encourage you all to check out her post. Cheryl at Women in Ministry recently had a radio interview with Matt Slick about her view about[Continue Reading…]

Covering Up Sin

A few weeks ago Alan Knox at The Assembling of the Church wrote a post called Distractions to Worship? In it he wrote, Consider the situation where you are sitting among a group of believers, listening to someone teach. The teaching is very inspiring and challenging. You are really enjoying it. Beside you, a baby[Continue Reading…]

Pastoral Leadership…

Dr. David Black asks, “Is this how the Lord Jesus planned for His church to operate . . . ? Perhaps our difficulties are self-induced.” in his an excellent article called Recovering Paul’s Perspective on Pastoral Leadership. Please read Dr. Black’s article. I think it will benefit you, even if you already agree with the[Continue Reading…]

Life in the Journey

I have been invited to be a contributor of a new Christian blogging community called Life in the Journey. It is a blog dedicated to sharing the abundant life that Jesus has poured on us and the journey that we are all on with him standing at our sides. I encourage you all to add[Continue Reading…]

Let The Chips Fall Where They May…

This post is inspired by a recent post of Alan’s from The Assembling of the Church called Grace to be Wrong. Alan’s post is about having the attitude of grace when confronted with people who disagree with us. Since I have begun my journey with Christ, I have learned the importance of adopting this attitude[Continue Reading…]