Words Not Found in Scripture – Deacon

A couple weeks ago Arthur Sido posted about Academic Responsibility. His post was about a popular Christian History textbook’s misuse of Scripture regarding the description of a “Deacon”. I spent a few moments gathering some data for a comment on his post and felt like “Deacon” should be my next, “Words Not Found in Scripture.”[Continue Reading…]

Contract Pastoring

God might be calling me to become a contract-pastor. It is similar to a vocational-pastor, except I won’t receive an annual salary. I’ll be paid on a contract basis – one hour minimum – billed in fifteen minute increments after first hour. I charge .495$ for traveling more than 20 miles. Some services are offered[Continue Reading…]

Maturity and Preaching

This post is part of a monthly synchroblog. The topic of this month’s synchroblog is “Maturity in the Light of our Faith”. There are at least three parts to preaching. The first part is the preparation for preaching, the second part is the act of preaching, and the third part is listening to preaching. In[Continue Reading…]

The Practice of the Early Church – Session 3 – Elder-Led Congregational Consensus

I was able to attend session 3 of a home church conference put on by NTRF. Here are some not I took from session 3 – Elder-Led Congregational Consensus. The Practice of the Early Church Session 3 – Elder-Led Congregational Consensus (Steve Atkerson) Everyone agrees that Christ is the head of the Church… opinions digress[Continue Reading…]

Money and the Church: A Fulltime Story

Today’s post is part of a synchroblog dealing with money and the church. It is a pretty broad topic, and many people are writing about different aspects of “money and the church.” At the bottom of this post you’ll find a list of links of other contributors to this subject. Today, I am going to[Continue Reading…]

Welcome to the Family…

I found this in a church bulletin: Request from the Deacons In reverence to God and respect for others, please do not get up during the sermon (unless there is an emergency). Parents – please take your children to the restroom before the worship time or, if needed, during the offertory. Also, please turn off[Continue Reading…]

Ideal Bible?

I have a question for all my readers… what would your “ideal Bible” look like? For a while I have been desiring certain features in a Bible, such as, Greek and Hebrew along with a solid English translation; perhaps with or without Chapter and Verse divisions; maybe it would have cross references; a single column[Continue Reading…]

Damage Control…

My father-in-law is the vocational pastor of Zion Baptist Church in Covington, GA. Sunday, August 11th, he resigned from his position. Paraphrasing, he said, “Due to my health I am unable to pastor a church of this size… or so I’ve been told.” In this weeks weekly newsletter, the Zion Trumpet, a letter from the[Continue Reading…]

Business Meeting – Part 2

Well, I was able to go to the business meeting this past Sunday. It was not as bad as I envisioned. Here is a brief recap: Lady #1 said, we need to be bible believing/following Christians and if the Bible says that women cannot be deacons than we should not encourage women to be deacons.[Continue Reading…]

What does Paul …

Last week I was asked to teach a Sunday School lesson for one of our brothers. They just started going through the letter we call 1 Corinthians and he asked me to teach on chapter 1:10-17. 10 But I exhort you brothers through the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. So that you all say[Continue Reading…]