Does Religion Make You Happy? – An Economist’s Perspective

Just finished up listening to the latest Freakonomics podcast where they discuss whether tithing and even religious gatherings can make someone happy. Some interesting quotes (from non-religious liberal types)… the trend is that the more liberal denominations give less What I find is an incredibly strong correlation, that basically these people are more likely to[Continue Reading…]

ZAGG smartbuds vs. Skullcandy 50/50 Earbuds

I have gone through two sets of ZAGG smartbuds and am now trying out a pair of Skullcandy’s 50/50 earbuds. I’ve used them both enough to give a fair review of both. First let me say that I do not listen to music, but I am a hardcore users of these earbuds. I wear them[Continue Reading…]

Distracted By Jesus? – Music Divides the Church

I’ve written about Beyond the Box Podcast before and I’ve mentioned it casually in a few other posts. A few weeks ago they released a new episode titled Distracted By Jesus?. This episode was actually part two of a two-part discussion, but this part had something in it that I had never once considered. Steve[Continue Reading…]

To Florida and Back Again

Day 1 – The Drive Down My friend Paul got hitched to his lady Carrie at the end of February. Paul and I have known each other since the womb when our mothers were pregnant together. So, I of course made plans to go down and take part in the wedding festivities. I decided it[Continue Reading…]

Body for Life – Week 4

I skipped cardio yesterday, I had to get my hair cut instead. What do you think? Weight: 185.2 lbs Waist: 37 inches Had a great ab workout today… I did Oblique Floor Crunches and I reeeaaaaally felt it. I also listened to a  podcast called FBN by Darin Hufford called “The Spirit of Antichrist”. If[Continue Reading…]