Does God Really Care?

The other day I was having a conversation with someone about a comic strip. We were discussing the possibility of God impressing on someones heart to extend the invitation because God was working on someones heart in the audience and that person needed just a little bit longer to make a decision. They asked me[Continue Reading…]

What was Lost?

You may have heard the news, a couple of weeks ago there was a large “wave of religious violence” in Nigeria. “Around 1000 people were displaced, several critically wounded, and every church reportedly destroyed in Shira Yana, Bauchi State, Nigeria on 2 February 2008.” Christianity Today ran a news article titled Churches destroyed in wave[Continue Reading…]

Help, I don’t want to go to church and other funny searches

I use Google analytics to track what is happening on my blog. I get to see which pages are most popular, how long people spend at my blog, and also what people search for to end up on my blog. Here are the top 11 funniest searches I’ve had in the past 30 days (in[Continue Reading…]

Covering Up Sin

A few weeks ago Alan Knox at The Assembling of the Church wrote a post called Distractions to Worship? In it he wrote, Consider the situation where you are sitting among a group of believers, listening to someone teach. The teaching is very inspiring and challenging. You are really enjoying it. Beside you, a baby[Continue Reading…]

How Do You Pray? – Syncroblog

Erin Word, Cindy Bryan, and Lyn Hallewell have started a synchroblog with the topic of prayer called How Do You Pray? – They have invited everyone and anyone to participate, so I decided to take part. I recently wrote a post over at Life… in the Journey about prayer called What About Prayer? hopefully I[Continue Reading…]

What the World Sees…

Turner Broadcasting System’s Adult Swim plays a rather crude, but often hilarious claymation called Moral Orel. Moral Orel is a creation of Dino Stamatopoulos. As described on their site, “Orel is an eleven-year-old boy who loves church. His unbridled enthusiasm for piousness and his misinterpretation of religious morals often lead to disastrous results, including self-mutilation[Continue Reading…]

Old Friends, Prayers, and Dreams

An old friend recently contacted me. We will refer to him by the name of “Bob” for the sake of his anonymity. Bob confided in me some issues he and his family was having with some things, especially, finances. Bob had hopes to get a job that he was going to interview for. This job[Continue Reading…]