Old Friends, Prayers, and Dreams

An old friend recently contacted me. We will refer to him by the name of “Bob” for the sake of his anonymity. Bob confided in me some issues he and his family was having with some things, especially, finances. Bob had hopes to get a job that he was going to interview for. This job would have made things a lot easier for them and their children. He asked me to pray for him and his wife, especially the job situation.

So, I prayed; I prayed several times a day, whenever Bob would enter my mind I would talk to God about him. I went on a backpacking trip and came back to find out that Bob did not get the job. He was even more down and out and now his wife admitted to feeling abandoned by God. I felt a deep burden for them.

I continued to pray and to ask God to help. I asked for help in helping them. I still pray for them daily and I am continuing my conversations with Bob. But something weird happened the other day. I had an unusual dream.

First, let me tell you about my dream life. Sometimes, I have reoccurring dreams. I have had them all my life, but what is odd about them (or maybe it is normal for those who have these types of dreams) is that I only ever remember having the reoccurring dreams when the dream comes to its completion (not sure if that makes sense). I have normal dreams as well, but I have always enjoyed the reoccurring dreams, because it made me feel satisfied when they were completed – even though I never remembered them otherwise. I also barely ever have nightmares, but I wish I did – I love them.

So, I had a dream, I dreamt that I visited Bob and his family. He was still dealing with some financial issues. For some reason I went to their bathroom and was washing the underside of a claw-toed tub. All of a sudden the water in the sink turned on. I got up and turned it off and went back to scrubbing. The sink turned on again, I turned it off again. This continued for a couple of times. I got up and went to asked them about it and they said that they had similar things happening around the house. I am not sure what prompted me, but for some reason I knew it was demons in their house and that the demons were attacking them spiritually. We prayed that God would remove the demons from their midst and protect them.

Then………………. Gus woke me up. Thanks Gus.

So, I wiped the drool off my hand (for some reason I was sleeping/drooling on my hand). I remembered the dream and prayed some more. I prayed for them, their situation, but also that if there were any demons in their house that God would remove them. I emailed Bob and told him about my dream. He emailed me back and said that oddly enough they have an old claw-toed tub in their storage and were planning on putting it in their bathroom when they could afford to. He also said they have a leaky sink and sent some pictures of one of his bathrooms (but they did not really look like my dream).

Was this dream, just a dream? I do not know.
Are these similarities, just coincidences? I do not know.

What I do know is this, he said they are doing a little better “spirit-wise.” So, I will continue to pray for him, converse with him, and serve him in any way possible. If you remember Bob and his family, please pray for them too – God will know who you are praying for.

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  1. Lew,

    Thank you for sharing this dream with us, and for sharing about “Bob”. I’m looking forward to hearing what God is doing there. I’m praying for “Bob”.


  2. Thanks Alan,

    I’m sure he will appreciate the prayers, whether he knows it or not.

    God’s Glory,

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