Why Do the Majority of Climate Scientists Agree?

Is it because the evidence, through observation and testing lead to this particular answer? Or is it because they scientists are afraid of losing their jobs and becoming ostracized from their communities? I hypothesized this question a few days ago in my post Why are main-stream Evolutionists Intellectually Dishonest?. Today, I heard this story on[Continue Reading…]

Why are main-stream Evolutionists Intellectually Dishonest?

Intellectual dishonesty is a failure to apply standards of rational evaluation that one is aware of, usually in a self-serving fashion. If one judges others more critically than oneself, that is intellectually dishonest. If one deflects criticism of a friend or ally simply because they are a friend or ally, that is intellectually dishonest. etc.[Continue Reading…]

Evolution – Science or Science Fiction?

This post is not intended to refute Evolution or promote Creationism. This post is merely an attempt to educate those of the flaws of thinking that Evolution is rooted in science — at least anymore so than any other theory of the origin of species. Before I started following Jesus Christ, I was agnostic… a[Continue Reading…]