Wine & Strong Drink – Part 8

This section begins my argument concerning the use of Wine and Strong drink. It is broken into three parts. Specific instances of abstinence commanded in the Bible, specific instances of alcohol use permitted in the Bible, and specific instance of alcohol use commanded in the Bible. Hopefully you all find the biblical evidence as overwhelming and convincing as I did.


The Author’s Argument

Specific Instances of abstinence commanded in the Bible

Numbers 6 is an obvious text where God commands those who take the Nazarite vow to abstain from wine and strong drink, as well as other things. This same text also fits in the permitted section of this argument because when the Nazarite has completed his vow time God permits them to drink wine. It could be argued that God commanded John the Baptist to abstain from alcohol (Luke 1:15) but this could be equally interpreted as a prophecy. In Jeremiah 35, the Rechabites were commanded by their father to abstain from alcohol, as well as other things – however this command was not from God, and they were commended for their obedience, not their abstinence.


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