How Close to Sin Can You Get?

Last night, in one of my classes the professor ended the class by stating that the Bible never asks or answers the question, “How close to sin can you get without sinning?” but always asks and answers the question, “How close to Jesus can you get?” The point he was trying to make is that[Continue Reading…]

1 Timothy 3 – Part 2

I have been thinking about my last post, specifically about what the implications are of this interpretation. As many of you know I attend SEBTS College. We have an office here called the Ministry Referral Office (MRO). Basically, if you want to be a pastor you write out a resume with your educational and experiential[Continue Reading…]

1 Timothy 3 – Part 1

The pastor of the local body that I gather with is teaching out of what is commonly referred to as the “pastoral epistles.” Right now he is teaching out of 1 Timothy. Just about every morning I read the entire book of 1 Timothy, it has really helped me grasp what Paul is trying to[Continue Reading…]


Well classes started yesterday. I am taking four classes this semester, than hopefully I will be graduating in December. I plan on applying for the MDIV program here at Southeastern but I am still praying about and it trying to seek God’s will. These are the classes I am taking this semester:American History I: Pre-1887[Continue Reading…]