Why Do the Majority of Climate Scientists Agree?

Is it because the evidence, through observation and testing lead to this particular answer? Or is it because they scientists are afraid of losing their jobs and becoming ostracized from their communities? I hypothesized this question a few days ago in my post Why are main-stream Evolutionists Intellectually Dishonest?. Today, I heard this story on[Continue Reading…]

A Historical Church Building

I have become a big fan of NPR (National Public Radio). I get the benefits of talk radio (over crappy music), it is very enlightening, usually pretty balanced, and when it leans to the left I get a glimpse of their point-of-view. Yesterday, as I was riding home from work I heard a piece on[Continue Reading…]

Thoughts on a Christian Nation…

From time to time we all hear about the United States of America being a “Christian Nation.” Many Muslim terrorist hate the U.S. because they believe it is a Christian Nation. Many U.S. citizens desire the U.S. to become a true Christian Nation. Many U.S. citizens believe the U.S. is already a Christian Nation. There[Continue Reading…]

Christians and the Government – Conclusion

Over the past few weeks I have written on the topic of Christians and the Government. In these posts I discussed my current (and ever changing) views about how I feel Christians should interact within their governments (specifically dealing with American Christians). If you have kept up with these posts you would have noticed that[Continue Reading…]

Christians and the Government – The Other Side – Part 8

I recently read this timely post from Baptist Press titled When God’s people fail to vote. I figured it would be good if I included this article as an outside perspective – one that disagreed with my own position(s). There have been many great comments that disagree with me. I think that this article is[Continue Reading…]

Christians and the Court – Part 7

The United States has three branches of government, the Executive branch which is administered by the President. The President enforces the laws that the Legislative branch makes. There is the legislative branch is also know as the Congress. The Congress makes the laws of the U.S. The congress is divided into two parts, the House[Continue Reading…]

Christians and the Pledge – Part 6

As a child, every morning in school, I stood up with all my classmates and we put our hands over our hearts and in unison recited the Pledge of Allegiance. Only the hippy outcast types refused to say the pledge. I remember seeing one teacher’s blood boil every time time this one girl refused to[Continue Reading…]

Christians and Military – Part 5

Having and maintaining a military has always been very important to growing and sustaining a nation. The military allows a nation to grow and also defend itself from other nations growth. The Just War theory was developed using Augustine’s writing The City of God. The theory is mildly complicate, but basically purports that a Christian[Continue Reading…]

Christians and Lobbying – Part 4

According to Wikipedia.org Lobbying is defined as “a concerted effort designed to effect influence, typically over government authorities and elected officials. It can consist of the outreach of legislative members, public actions (e.g. mass demonstrations), or combinations of both public and private actions (e.g. encouraging constituents to contact their legislative representatives). The term is normally[Continue Reading…]

Christians and Voting – Part 3

In the Roman Empire only Roman citizens had the right to vote. Usually you had to own land and had to be a male to vote in the Comitia Tributa (Tribal assembly). From what I have been told there was a word the Greek world would use for people who had the power to vote,[Continue Reading…]