Jesus Literally Gave a Group of Inebriated People MORE Wine

Before I start, let me say this. You absolutely should not live a life of drunkness. It is bad for your health, it is bad for your family, it is bad for your friendships, it is not what YHWH would want for your life. If you are prone to addiction, you should absolutely, positively abstain[Continue Reading…]

Dipped in Blood

Apparently YHWH and his son, Jesus, are both pro-torture, war mongers. At least, that’s what many Republican Christians want you to believe. In defending the CIA’s use of torture on America’s enemies, they have tried to use the scriptures to support the idea that Jesus himself would have water boarded his America’s enemies. Which is[Continue Reading…]

WWJD? I don’t think you really know…

I had to head to Home Depot to pick up some stuff and I saw this sign…   When I read this I chortled for a good moment. However, as I started to think about this sign, I was deeply saddened. Saddened for the strangers who read this sign and think that Jesus is defined[Continue Reading…]

A Few Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Lie to Your Kids about Santa

Here, in the Ayotte household, we have two kids. A soon-to-be four year old and a soon-to-be three year old. They do not really know anything about Santa, but then again, they barely know any English. However, it is Christmas time, we’ve put up our tree, hung Christmas lights on and around the house, listen[Continue Reading…]

Distracted By Jesus? – Music Divides the Church

I’ve written about Beyond the Box Podcast before and I’ve mentioned it casually in a few other posts. A few weeks ago they released a new episode titled Distracted By Jesus?. This episode was actually part two of a two-part discussion, but this part had something in it that I had never once considered. Steve[Continue Reading…]

Words Not Found in Scripture – Christ-mas Edition

Since tomorrow is the popular Christian celebrated holiday called Christmas I decided that it would be a good time to talk about the word “Christ” and perhaps take “Christ” out of Christmas. The word “Christ” is similar to “Baptize,” in the sense that the word is found in our English translations because it is a[Continue Reading…]

Energion Essay Contest Results

At the beginning of the month I posted my essay entry to the Energion Essay Contest called, “What should a congregation following Jesus Christ in ministry look like?” There were seven total entries in this contest. With a total of 93 out of 150 points, I won third place plus the “popular” vote. This entitles[Continue Reading…]

What should a congregation following Jesus Christ in ministry look like?

To launch Dave Black’s new book, Christian Archy, Energion Publications is sponsoring an essay contest. The question at hand: What should a congregation following Jesus Christ in ministry look like? What a congregation following Jesus Christ in ministry should look like can be a pretty complicated discussion. We have to realize that even the early[Continue Reading…]

What would Jesus do for Halloween

As many of you know, Halloween is a day of celebration for Satanists. If you celebrate Halloween, then I am pretty sure that you will be drinking the blood of sacrificed goats and slaughtering chickens on October 31st. This is a common practice of children around the world who celebrate this day. When I was[Continue Reading…]