This I Now Believe

Last week I wrote a post entitled, “This I Used to Believe‘. Which was inspired by a recent broadcast from NPR called This I Believe. I planned on it being a Meme, but it doesn’t appear that anyone has taken me up on my offer. Today’s post is going to elaborate on last weeks post….


This I Used To Believe

Our local NPR station has a weekly segment called, This I Believe. This past Friday they had a different edition called. “This I Used To Believe.” This made me think about the things that I use to believe. So I’m going to try and start a meme! This is completely optional, I’m not going to…


A Modern Example

I recently had a wonderful conversation with one of my co-workers. She came into my office to give me something and noticed my digital picture frame displaying on my desk. Then I showed her a picture of my wife and we spent a few minutes looking on Facebook and MySpace to see if my wife…


Us vs. Jesus

Today is much different than 2000 years ago. Everything is different: culture, society, technology, science, politics, and more. All of these changes combined with time and the evolution of tradition have made us change the way we think about evangelism, the gospel, and even Christ. Today I would like to compile of list of how…



After moving to North Carolina I began working for a Christian institution, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Truth be told, I enjoyed this job a lot! Why? I wish I could say that there was a lack of politics (like you see in the nonChristian world), but that would not be true. I wish I could…


Almost… but not quite!

Gosh, I want to write about the crappy words we use every frickin’ day. But I’m not really sure if you darn people will appreciate the friggin point. I mean, gee whiz, there are so many Christians who are so loose with the words they use. Shucks, some of y’all even use words straight from…


The List

1 Timothy 3:2-7 contains a list that people usually consider to be qualifications for a leadership role within the Church. The normal practice (at least in Baptist circles) has little to do with determining if their leaders actually meet the requirements of this list, but they often use it if they want to kick their…


Charlie Lachance

This post is dedicated to my grandfather, Charlie Lachance. Last night I received word that Charlie had passed away. Charlie and his wife Rachel have been in my life since I was born. They are not my biological grandparents, but they have always treated me like their own grandson, if not their own son. Rachel…


Polygamists, Muslims, and Scripture: A Question.

Part of my new job requires me to drive from time to time. Recently I had to drive to Wildwood, FL. This trip is about 5 hours one way. If you’ve ever driven a long distance you know that entertaining yourself is always a challenge. I forgot to take the time to prepare myself CDs…


Integrity in Ministry – By Dr. Akin – Part 1

A few days ago I received an email sent to all students, staff, and alumni of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. The email from Dr. Akin was an essay concerning Integrity in Ministry. In Part 1 of this post I am merely going to attach this email. Afterwards, I would love to hear what everyone else…