Words Not Found in Scripture – Worship

It’s been a very long time since I’ve done anything from the Words Not Found in Scripture series. Recently I was inspired to write a little bit about the word Worship. In today’s Christian circles Worship is usually defined as “singing” or even specifically “corporate singing”. In our modern church meetings we usually have 30[Continue Reading…]

Leading Worship with Limited Resources

My friend, Alan Knox,  who will not be named in this post, told me about a new seminar being offered by the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina called, Worship Leader Boot Camp: Special Edition (Leading Worship with Limited Resources). Which purportedly “takes the popular Worship Leader Boot Camptraining event, offered throughout North Carolina last year,[Continue Reading…]

Sunday… Sunday…

In Romans 14:15-16 Paul writes, “One person regards one day above another, another regards every day alike. Each person must be fully convinced in his own mind. He who observes the day, observes it for the Lord, and he who eats, does so for the Lord, for he gives thanks to God; and he who[Continue Reading…]

A Modern Example

I recently had a wonderful conversation with one of my co-workers. She came into my office to give me something and noticed my digital picture frame displaying on my desk. Then I showed her a picture of my wife and we spent a few minutes looking on Facebook and MySpace to see if my wife[Continue Reading…]

A Quote from Pagan Christianity – 2

Somehow we have been taught to feel holier when we are in “the house of God” and have inherited a pathological dependency upon an edifice to carry out our worship to God. At bottom, the church building has taught us badly about what church is and what it does. It is a contradiction of the[Continue Reading…]

A Heretic’s Prayer

God, You are so Holy, I hope for the day when you make the Earth like Heaven. I desire so much to do your will and I ask that you feed us and protect me, my family, and The Family from the temptations of the devil. Help us all forgive, just as you forgave us,[Continue Reading…]

Integrity in Ministry – By Dr. Akin – Part 2

Let me first say that this is not an attack on Dr. Akin. I personally think that Dr. Akin is a great guy. I truly believe that he wants what he thinks is best for all Christians/Southern Baptists. This critique of his email is merely an attempt to put out a different perspective. My perspective[Continue Reading…]

Integrity in Ministry – By Dr. Akin – Part 1

A few days ago I received an email sent to all students, staff, and alumni of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. The email from Dr. Akin was an essay concerning Integrity in Ministry. In Part 1 of this post I am merely going to attach this email. Afterwards, I would love to hear what everyone else[Continue Reading…]

Developing a Biblical Ecclesiology Lecture

My pastor and friend, Alan Knox, gave a lecture to one of Dr. Black’s (of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary) classes about how his Ecclesiology was developed. He was able to record the lecture and post it to his website. I listened to it, thought it was great, and wanted to share it with you all.[Continue Reading…]

The Practice of the Early Church – Session 3 – Elder-Led Congregational Consensus

I was able to attend session 3 of a home church conference put on by NTRF. Here are some not I took from session 3 – Elder-Led Congregational Consensus. The Practice of the Early Church Session 3 – Elder-Led Congregational Consensus (Steve Atkerson) Everyone agrees that Christ is the head of the Church… opinions digress[Continue Reading…]