Wine & Strong Drink – Part 5

This is the third argument that I have seen people use against wine and strong drink.


Others’ Arguments

Wine 2000 Years Ago was Different than it is Today

Some look to Robert Stein (Wine-Drinking in New Testament Times, Christianity Today, Volume 19, June 20, 1975, Pg. 9-11) for evidence that ancient wine was weaker than the wine of today. Stein claims that history and tradition teaches wine 2000 years ago was mixed 3 parts water with 1 part wine. He concludes saying, “to consume the amount of alcohol that is in two martinis by drinking wine containing three parts water to one part wine, one would have to drink over twenty-two glasses” (Pg. 11). By Stein’s own admission “it is possible to become intoxicated from wine mixed with three parts of water, but one’s drinking would probably affect the bladder long before it affected the mind” (Pg. 11). Stein has setup a straw man argument. If it is possible to get drunk on the ancient 3:1 wine then the amount of drinks it takes to get drunk is unnecessary information. The fact remains that people who drink 3:1 wine would still have to maintain proper care not to over indulge; otherwise they risk drunkenness. If Stein’s theory is correct this lends credence to wisdom of moderation, not abstinence.


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